Council of Damos

Damos is ruled by a council of “experts”. These experts have regular jobs throughout the city and convene regularly to make the decisions that effect the wider Damos region.

As with any parliament the interests of the Damos tend to take a back seat to the interests of each council members specific constituents. Alliances, trading favours and general contempt for other council members often stand in the way of real progress.

The current council members are:
Hero of Damos (Heddin Thunderhammer)
City planner (Brandon Fort)
Leader of the Merchants Guild (Syd Senet)
Dockmaster (Totrin Darre)
Captian of the Guard (Qelroth)
Archmage (Vyxion Ocuthar)
High priest (Wynerva Irrys)

Council positions:
Hero of Damos: see Hero of Damos (Heddin Thunderhammer)

City planner: Responsible for general management of the city. While the distribution of taxes is decided by the council as a whole, it is the Office of city planning that is ultimately responsible for the money and resources getting into the right hands.

Leader of the Merchants Guild: In order to run a store in Damos, it is a requirement that you belong to the merchants guild. There is a small bi-weekly fee to prevent anyone from just setting up a stall anywhere however the guild is primarily financed by collecting the taxes on profits every store pays to the city and taking a small cut thereof. The biggest advantage for any store is that the guild manages all trade routes leading dramatically more efficient uses of Damos’ ships and caravans. This reduction in costs of both importing and exporting goods is partially responsible for the cities economic boom. In addition they arrange security for any store that meets certain requirements, enforce anti-competition rules ( no new store can be set up near an existing store unless it can demonstrate it’s providing something different.) They also offer new business loans though they can be very hard to come by. In general, established merchants are greatly in favor of the guild as they reap the lions share of the benefits while new stores sometimes find less value.

Dockmaster: Although titled as the master of the docks, the Dockmaster is actually responsible for all trade routes into and out of the city. Being a coastly city, two-thirds or more of these are by ship. The Dockmaster and his associates liaise closely with the Merchants guild to make sure the goods get where they need to as efficiently as possible.

Captian of the Guard: Being a rather wealthy city, the council has recognised the importance of a strong armed force both to keep everything running smoothly inside and deter would be invaders. As such, the Damos military is well invested in. Equipment is of good quality and well maintained but more importantly, everyone is exceedingly well-trained. Every guard spends at least equal time in training as on active duty slowly transitioning between being taught and teaching themselves as their experience grows. Qeltroth himself, the Captain of the Guard, is a relatively short (5’11") dragonborn of gold ancestry. The definition of an expert in almost any weapon you can think of, he takes great pride in the fact that in the quarter of a century he’s been there, he’s helped make the Damos Military one of the most well-renowned in the realm.

Archmage: The Mage Guild of Damos, lead by the Archmage, is responsible for all magic use in the city. Unlike the cities armed forces or economy, the mage guild is not particularly well renowned, perhaps average at best, for a city of it’s size. Some of this is the fault of getting the short end of the stick investment wise although most of it can probably be attributed to poor policy. Magic is illegal in Damos. Although rarely enforced, it is illegal cast any spell within the walls of the city without documented approval from the mage guild. Harmful spells are almost never granted approval while non-harmful spells are usually granted temporary approval while the full case is decided upon (which can take years). This, combined with the constant debates about what should and shouldn’t be considered harmful ensure that very little, if any, arcane research actually gets done.

High Priestess of Tymora: Officially, Damos worships Tymora, the goddess of good fortune however citizens are free to worship whoever they choose. Many other sites of worship exist and the order is very respectful of other deities. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the order is run much like a business providing blessings and alms to those whoever pays. In Damos, money speaks louder than words.

Council of Damos

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