Heddin Thunderhammer

Heddin Thunderhammer is the only member of the council with the title of Hero. At nearly 500 years old he is one of the oldest surviving members of Damos and has seen it grow and thrive in the centuries he’s served on the council. Although rumored to still attend every council meeting, few see him as he’s somewhat of a recluse. Despite that, Heddin is undoubtedly the most famous person in Damos after his heroics in during the Great Dragon War. Songs of his heroics of commonplace in any of the taverns in Damos and many statues depicting the Dwarven craftsman adorn the City.

Heddin is a dwarf from the, now rumored to be extinct, Thunderhammer clan, renowned for their ability to craft the finest armor and weapons. Back in their prime many went to great lengths to try and establish trade. Even now, the search for their home is in many adventurers ‘get rich quick’ plans. Unlike the rest of his clan, Heddin wasn’t content to continue making wares according to ‘the old ways’. He was a tinker and inventor at heart, not a blacksmith. His arrival in Damos coincided perfectly with it’s largest economic boom. Many of his inventions were so popular he became almost an overnight success story.

Unfortunately the sort of wealth Damos was experiencing doesn’t come without attracting some unwelcome attention. A very large very old black Dragon had been watching Damos grow and prosper and had other ideas. Tavareth Lord of the Black gathered a following, no an army and marched on Damos. The cities defenses were swept away like sandcastles by an incoming tide. Damos’ finest warriors, mages, and clerics didn’t stand a chance against Tavareth. No one expected that weird dwarf merchant with with the contraptions to help much but he insisted on coming along on this attack. A familiar whistling of inhalation preceded shouts of “get down!” and “duck” or “run!” and the attack party did. Well everyone except Heddin, who was last seen sprinting right at the dragon’s head, tossing aside an empty flask.

He took the full brunt of Tavareth’s acid breath from point blank range, surviving only thanks to his recently quaffed “acid block” potion as he leaped right into the dragon wide open mouth and was summarily swallowed whole. Now you might expect that would be where this story ends, but Heddin was carrying two more quite useful items, particularly useful in combination within a dragon’s stomach. He took out his portable hole and plunged it into his bag of holding destroying each item instantly and opening a gate to the astral plane. This gate sucked everything nearby into the astral plane. With a large pop the very large very scary black dragon that had been plaguing Damos shrunk into nothing, leaving behind some sort of otherworldly gate.

Meanwhile inside the Astral plane, Tavareth was not faring well. Ancient black dragons can survive many things. Being sucked into another plane inside-out and existing inside your own stomach is not one of them. Heddin was now tasked with the only comparatively easy task of finding his way back home.

Heddin Thunderhammer

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