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City of Damos

Damos lies on the sword coast about halfway between Candlekeep and Calimport. It is a relatively new city just under 1000 years old. Despite this it is exceedingly wealthy. A couple of hundred years ago it brought about a enormous economic boom by attracting a large cohort of some of the realms best craftsman initially with subsidies and then the high quality of living the city provides. The key is that imports and exports are centralised, much like amazon, and so are both dramatically more efficient and more secure. The fact that this means that merchants can sell more, while having to worry about less means the vast majority don’t mind the high taxes in Damos.

Simply put, Damos is a both a high cost and quality of living city. It has world class merchants and armed forces with an ass-backwards mage guild and almost no crime. For more details see the Council of Damos.

Your adventure starts in the
The Angry Orc Tavern

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